IELTS Drona Alleppey Kerala

23rd May 2018

Divya Rajan

When I decided to join IELTS course My first choice was DRONA Academy. I had heard from my friends about the unique method of teaching here.I was not wrong in my decision.Excellent coaching and strict administration are commendable.I would certainly recommend DRONA Academy to my friends and relatives.

IELTS Drona Alleppey Kerala

25th AUG 2017

Dr. Abraham

Very interesting and informative sessions.I am proud to be an alumnus of DRONA.

IELTS Drona Alleppey Kerala



Drona is a unique academy and I was mesmerised to see the way classes are taken.I was immensely benefited by the coaching here.I became very confident and fluent in English.

IELTS Drona Alleppey Kerala

25th February 2018

Mr. Sreejith

Very good study facilities and courses. The variety of courses offered is really amazing.